Flight of all 4 [$20]

Marcona Almonds [$7]    |       Salt’n’Pepper Pistachios [$5]

Pitted Italian Olive Mix [$5]   |       Castelvetrano Olives [$8]


1957 Normandie   [half moon 15]/[full moon 22]

French Creamy Gournay cheese with Garlic & herbs. Fresh walnuts, Grapes.  *Rustic Crackers & Baguette

Baked Sour Cherry Brie[$19]

Baked brie with Persian sour cherries & molasses, strawberries & fresh walnuts, served with baguette

Cheese Platter

[2 cheeses $19  | 4 cheeses $29  | 6 cheeses $39  ]

Includes Marcona Almonds, Grapes, Jalapeno Jam, baguette and French crackers

& Choice of cheeses:

-Double Cream Soft Brie              -Gruyere                    -Port Wine Derby Cheese

-Bermuda Triangle Goat Cheese    -Manchego                 -Sage Derby Cheese

-Soft Goat cheese & Honey          -Gouda                      -Sharp White Cheddar

& Add a Charcuterie Rose [1 for $15 | 2 for $25]

Prosciutto, Copa, Spicy Copa, Milan Salami, Olives & Butter.


Dolma La Vina [$14]

Grapevine Delmas (x7), feta, walnuts & pomegranate sauce.

Hummus Platter [$14]

Bold Hummus, paprika, cucumber, Crudités, warm naan.

Tzatziki Platter [$14]

Greek Tzatziki served with fresh cucumber, tomatoes, olives, naan

Warm Smokey Eggplant Dip [$15] *GF

Smoked Eggplant, garlic, fried onions, whey, mint, tortilla chips.

Chipotle Vegi Samosas [$14]

Pea & Potato Samosas (x4), Chipotle sauce

Spinacho Spanakopita [$14]

Spinach & Feta Spanakopita (x5) served hot with Tzatziki.

Empanadas de pollo [$16] *New

Pulled chicken, red peppers, onions, tomato puree & spices. (x2)

Beef Empanadas [$16] *New

Angus beef, red peppers, onions & spices. Crispy crust! (x2)

Bacon Wrapped Dates [$15]

Medjool Dates, Goat cheese, Walnuts & Bacon, Balsamic Glaze


Super Kale & Quinoa [16]

Chopped Kale, red quinoa, onions, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes & our saffron apple cider vinaigrette dressing.

[Add Chicken x3 skewers $12, Add Shrimp $16, Add Salmon $18]

Mediterranean Beet Salad [16]

Arugula, beets, blue cheese, onions, cherry tomatoes, candied pecans & our strawberry vinaigrette

[Add Chicken x3 skewers $12, Add Shrimp $16, Add Salmon $18]

Caprese Salad [$16]

Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette

[Add Chicken x3 skewers $12, Add Shrimp $16, Add Salmon $18]


California Brussels Sprouts [$16]

Boiled & lightly sauteed brussels sprouts, Almonds, Cranberries, Bacon, Parmesan Cheese.

Vegan Italian Meatballs [$17] *VG

Meatless Meatballs in Marinara Sauce and Vegan Cheese, Baguette

Kielbasa & Kimchi [$16]

Baked Beef Kielbasa skewers (x4) onions, bell peppers, organic kimchi & honey sriracha sauce.

Thai Chicken Satay [$16]

Baked Chicken skewers (x4), homemade Peanut Sriracha sauce

Spicy Korean BBQ Chicken Satay [$16]

Baked Chicken skewers (x4), Korean BBQ Sauce


Chicken & Pesto Ravioli [$22]

Chicken, Pesto, Ricotta & Parmesan Ravioli. Creamy sauce w. sauteed mushrooms and parmigiana, baguette.

[Add Chicken x3 skewers $12, Add Shrimp $16, Add Salmon $18]

Mushroom Kale Ravioli Bake *GF *V [26]

Gluten-free/vegan kale & mushroom ravioli, mushrooms, & vegan cheese served hot in cast iron skillet + GF crostini

Choice of fresh pesto or marinara sauce

[Add Chicken x3 skewers $12, Add Shrimp $16, Add Salmon $18]

Saffron Lemon Chicken Kabob [$26]

Petite skewers of chicken kabob(x5) marinated with saffron and lemon, served with Spanish rice & Sumac.

Roasted Salmon [$32]

Roasted Salmon, served on a bed of baby carrots, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, capers.

Sirloin Kabobs [$33]

3 Skewers of baked sirloin (8oz) marinated for 12 hours served over French green beans.

Diablo Shrimp Stroganoff [$35] *Spicy

Sauteed large shrimp, pepper, mushrooms in creamy diablo sauce w rice and shoestring potatoes. *Spicy


Marjoilain Cake ‘GF’ [12]

Four layers of hazelnut dacquoise, 3 unique types mousse.

Sour Cherry Cheesecake [12]

Fresh cheesecake topped with Persian sour cherries and molasses.

Molten Chocolate Cake a la Mode [12]

Hot chocolate bundt holding hot creamy chocolate served with French Vanilla ice cream.

Hot Dutch Apple Pie a la Mode [12]

Slice of apple pie with French Vanilla Ice cream


2 Pieces of doggie bacon + 1 doggie kabob